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Fast Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (CH4, CO2, H2O)
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Fast Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (CH4, CO2, H2O)

The Fast Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (FGGA) is the only instrument capable of both high accuracy and fast measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The FGGA is designed to work in ambient air and to deliver accurate measurements over a wide range of concentrations at rapid response rates (sufficient for eddy correlation flux applications). In particular, the FGGA reports methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor concentrations ranging from typical ambient levels to (over) ten times ambient levels with the high accuracy and reliability that you expect from LGR instruments. Also, the FGGA is not adversely affected by other atmospheric gases (no cross interferences) or changes in ambient atmospheric pressure (no pressure broadening effects). If desired, the Analyzer may be operated on DC battery power with an appropriate AC/DC inverter.

The FGGA suits many applications including eddy correlation flux measurements using established micrometeorological techniques, chamber flux measurements, landfill monitoring, and leak detection from natural gas pipelines.

As described in the Theory Section, the measurement strategy is based on high-resolution direct-absorption spectroscopy. The instrument includes an internal computer that can store data practically indefinitely on its internal hard drive (for applications requiring unattended long-term operation), and send real-time data to a data logger through its analog and digital (RS232) outputs. In addition, an Ethernet connection allows remote access to data files stored on the instrument’s hard drive.

Total uncertainty <1% of reading
(without calibration)

Measurement Range (total uncertainty <1%, without calibration)
CH4: 0.1-25 ppmv, CO2: 20-4000 ppmv, H2O: 150-70000 ppmv

Operational Range
CH4: 0.005-1000 ppmv, CO2: 20-10000 ppmv, H2O: 150-70000 ppmv

Repeatability/Precision (1-σ, 1 Hz, typical ambient levels)
CH4: 1 ppbv, CO2: 0.2 ppmv, H2O: 100 ppmv

Response Time (flow time through measurement cell)
0.1 seconds (with optional external pump)
10 seconds (with internal pump)

Size & Weight
Dimensions (Benchtop Package)
10" H × 38" W × 14" D

Dimensions (Rackmount Package)
8.75" H × 19" W × 24" D

60 pounds (27 kg)

Operating Requirements
Ambient Humidity
<98% RH Non-Condensing

Operating Temperature
5-45 °C

Power Requirements
100 W; 115/230 VAC; 50/60 Hz
(excluding optional external pump)

Sample Temperature
0-50 °C