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CO Analyzers
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CO Analyzers

Designed for many demanding applications including eddy-correlation flux measurements, chamber flux measurements, combustion diagnostics, and trace-gas monitoring, these Analyzers have been applied successfully on-board NASA DC-8 aircraft for trace-gas measurements in the upper troposphere / lower stratosphere. In fact, the High-Sensitivity CO Analyzer and the High-Sensitivity N2O Analyzer are ideal for measuring carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide, respectively, in ambient air with data rates of up to 20 Hz, less than 1% uncertainty (without calibration; much higher accuracy may be obtained with calibration), and better than 0.1% repeatability. Neither analyzer is affected by other atmospheric gases or changes in ambient atmospheric pressure.

Total uncertainty less than 1% of reading

Data Rate
0.01-20 Hz

Measurement Range (total uncertainty <1%, without calibration)
1-4000 ppbv

Repeatability/Precision (1-σ, 1 Hz, typical ambient levels)
0.3 ppbv

Response Time (flow time through measurement cell)
0.1 seconds (with optional external pump)
1.5 seconds (standard internal pump)

Size & Weight
10" H x 38" W x 14" D

80 lbs (36 kg)

Operating Requirements
Ambient Humidity
<98% RH Non-Condensing

Operating Temperature
5-45 °C

Power Requirements
115/230 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 150 W

Sample Temperature
0-50 °C